Molecular Materials

Börjesson Research Group

Group Photo December 2019

Mailing address

Karl Börjesson

Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology,

University of Gothenburg

Kemivägen 10

412 96 Gothenburg Sweden

karl.borjesson (at)

Visiting address

Kemigården 4

Chemistry building, Campus Johanneberg

Room 8024


The lab has expertise in organic synthesis and advanced optical spectroscopy. It is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, enabling world leading research to be conducted. The lab is equipped with:

FLS1000, including TCSPS, pulsed laser diodes, flashlamp, and integrating sphere.

CombiFlash, a combined for automated flash chromatography and HPLC preparatory chromatography.

Nanosecond flash photolysis setup from Edinburgh instruments and Spectra physics.

A magneton sputterer from Kurvus. Au, Ag, Al, and ITO is routinely used.

A  molecular evaporator from Kurvus. Two targets can be used simultaneusly.

Perkin Elmer UV-Vis spectraphotometer.

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