Molecular Materials

Börjesson Research Group

Group Photo December 2019

Mailing address

Karl Börjesson

Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology,

University of Gothenburg

Kemivägen 10

412 96 Gothenburg Sweden

karl.borjesson (at) gu.se

Visiting address

Kemigården 4

Chemistry building, Campus Johanneberg

Room 8024


Welcome to the homepage of the Molecular Materials research group headed by Associate Professor Karl Börjesson at the Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology at University of Gothenburg.

We construct molecules or molecular based systems that are able to perform highly specialized functions to be used within material sciences. The competence of the group involves both the synthesis of complex molecules and the photophysical/electrical characterization of the molecular based systems. Most often we are working with organic molecules and even though each molecule is able to perform a task on its own, our aim is not to use the single molecules but ensembles of molecules to create materials for the future.

Karl Börjesson, group leader

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March 2020

Our article on all carbon framework films in JACS is now online.

January 2020

Our article on Optmizing Photon Upconversion in PCCP is now online

September 2019

Our article on triplet to singlet energy transfer in Science Advances is now online

August 2019

Welcome Yizhou Yang to the group.

May 2019

Our article on TTA-UC in JACS is now online.

January 2019

Our review about strong exciton-photon coupling in Chem. Soc. Rev. is now online.


January 2019

Our article on liquid chromophores is now online.


January 2019

Welcome Yi Yu to the group.


September 2018

Welcome Pedro and Clara to the group.


June 2018

Congratulations Martin and Alex for each winning a poster award at SCS2018.


June 2018

Our article on rISC in the strong coupling regime is now online.


May 2018

Welcome Suman to the group.


February 2018

Promoted to Associate Professor


December 2017

Received the Wallenberg Academy Fellowship.


November 2017

Our article on switching of strong light-matter interactions is now online.


October 2017

Welcome Chen Ye to the group.


August 2017

Welcome Jürgen to the group.


August 2017

Received the ERC starting grant.


March 2017

Welcome Martin to the group.


January 2017

Our article on photoisomerization determinations is now published.


November 2016

Received a grant from the Swedish Research Council.


August 2016

Welcome Khushbu and Manuel to the group.


August 2016

Our article on low molecular weight norbornadienes is now published.


August 2016

Our article on photon upconversion with  directed emission is now published.


April 2016

Our article on photoswitchable ruthenium compounds are now published.


April 2016

Welcome Alexei to the group.


April 2016

Received the Swedish Foundations Starting Grant!


February 2016

Welcome Kati to the group.


December 2015

Congratulations Kati to the Wenner-Gren Fellowship and welcome to the group in February.


June 2015

Received the Ingvar Carlsson Award, giving startup funds for the group.


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