Molecular Materials

Börjesson Research Group

Mailing address

Karl Börjesson

Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology,

University of Gothenburg

Kemivägen 10

412 96 Gothenburg Sweden


karl.borjesson (at)


Visiting address

Kemigården 4

Chemistry building, Campus Johanneberg


Room 8024



Perkin Elmer UV-Vis spectraphotometer.

The lab has expertise in organic synthesis and advanced optical spectroscopy. It is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, enabling world leading research to be conducted. The lab is equipped with:





























































FLS1000, including TCSPS, pulsed laser diodes, flashlamp, and integrating sphere.

CombiFlash, a combined for automated flash chromatography and HPLC preparatory chromatography.

Nanosecond flash photolysis setup from Edinburgh instruments and Spectra physics.

A magneton sputterer from Kurvus. Au, Ag, Al, and ITO is routinely used.

A molecular evaporator from Kurvus. Two targets can be used simultaneusly.

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